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Jamendo is a Luxembourg-based music website that supports independent artists and music enthusiasts. A subsidiary of AudioValley, the site is an Independent Management Entity (IME) since 2019. Its mission is to connect music lovers and artists. It is home to over 1 million songs, albums, and videos newstodaysworld24.com.

In addition to music, Jamendo also offers a social media community. Its users can discuss and review songs and albums with fellow users. Users can also customize their settings, including what will automatically post to their profile. They can also star artists and albums. Ultimately, it’s up to them to decide which music is most appropriate for their own listening experience newstodaysworld.com.

The company’s strategy is to expand across Europe and increase its reach. Its team comprises of seasoned music industry professionals. In addition to audiophiles, it also serves as a platform for independent musicians and producers. The company’s ambition is to become a European-wide music rights management company starsworldnews.com.

To download a song, a user first needs to visit the official Jamendo website and sign in using a Facebook account or another account. From there, they can choose a song from the top 100 tracks. After selecting the song, a pop-up will appear with two download options: one for personal use and one that requires a license purchase techlognews.com.